Friday, January 27, 2006

"Pamplona In July" -Hemingway

"Pamplona in July" comprises as one of the best Essays written by Hemingway. His passion for Bull Fighting is the main idea. He visits Spain and has one of the greatest experiences of his life. Hemingway writes about the sport of Bull Fighting as if he followed it before his visit to Pamplona. His wife and him wake up every day at five in the morning for six straight days to witness this spectacular event. Residents of this town let the Bulls run for freely for a mile to the pens. They risk their lives for a few moments. He writes about these experiences as if he was a kid looking through a glass window staring at something spectacular. The tone of his voice is very direct and he explains each scene with color and vitality. A particular passage that caught my eye was "He may wound or kill thirty men....It is the Pamplona tradition of giving the bulls a final shot at everyone in town before they enter the pens. They will not leave until they come out into the glare of the arena to die in the afternoon". This amazing tradition gives me a weird yet amazing feeling. The fact that even though these bulls will die at the end of the day, they are given a last chance, in a sense to get equal revenge and take somebody's life. It shows that these people love this sport and even though the bulls end up dead, they are greatly respected.

Do you think that Hemingway might have had trust issues with his wife and did he not have any confidence in himself?


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